School Field Deadline Description Interview Method Earliest known call Most recent call Rejection Campus Invitations Offer Made Offer Accepted Last Update Edit
American University 11/20/19 Edit
Amherst College 11/17/19 Edit
Arcadia University 11/18/19 Edit
Arkansas State University 05/04/20 Edit
Bard College 11/15/19 Edit
Barnard College 11/17/19 Edit
Baruch College 11/17/19 Edit
Bates College 03/06/20 Edit
Beets College Food security Description Dwight Schrute 05/27/20 Edit
Bentley 12/28/19 Edit
Berry College 11/18/19 Edit
Boise State 11/16/19 Edit
Boise State 11/17/19 Edit
Boston College 11/18/19 Edit
Boston University 12/13/19 Edit
Boston University 11/18/19 Edit
Bowling Green State University 11/18/19 Edit
Brandeis 11/27/19 Edit
Brandeis University 12/13/19 Edit
Bridgewater State 12/13/19 Edit
Bucknell 11/20/19 Edit
Bucknell 11/16/19 Edit
Buffalo 11/16/19 Edit
Cal Poly Pomona 11/15/19 Edit
Cal State Los Angeles 11/18/19 Edit
California State University San Bernardino 11/22/19 Edit
California State University San Bernardino 03/01/20 Edit
California State University, Long Beach 02/05/20 Edit
California State University-Chico 04/04/20 Edit
Campbell University 11/27/19 Edit
Centre College 11/15/19 Edit
Centre College 11/18/19 Edit
Chapman University 11/16/19 Edit
Claremont McKenna College 01/09/20 Edit
College of Charleston 03/01/20 Edit
College of Coastal Georgia 11/27/19 Edit
College of Idaho 11/20/19 Edit
College of Southern Nevada 03/06/20 Edit
Colorado State University 11/15/19 Edit
Cornell 12/28/19 Edit
CSU San Francisco 11/17/19 Edit
Davidson College 11/27/19 Edit
Drake University 11/27/19 Edit
Duke Kunshan University 11/16/19 Edit
Duke University 03/01/20 Edit
Duke University 11/17/19 Edit
Flagship State University 11/27/19 Edit
Fort Lewis College 03/01/20 Edit
Furman University 11/27/19 Edit
George Mason University 11/27/19 Edit
Georgia Institute of Technology 03/06/20 Edit
Georgia Institute of Technology 11/16/19 Edit
Haverford 11/27/19 Edit
Hillsdale College 12/06/19 Edit
I Pooped My Pants Pants Description Still have poo in my pants 05/28/20 Edit
I support pooing in Public Indian Studies 05/27/20 Edit
IBM Certified 11/05/19 Edit
Indiana University 03/01/20 Edit
Internal Revenue Service 01/13/20 Edit
John Brown University 03/01/20 Edit
Lander University 11/24/19 Edit
Loyola Marymount University 11/27/19 Edit
Loyola University Chicago 03/01/20 Edit
Loyola University Chicago 03/01/20 Edit
Lycoming College 11/17/19 Edit
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT 11/27/19 Edit
Mercer University 01/09/20 Edit
Miami U, Ohio 10/28/19 Edit
Michigan State University 11/18/19 Edit
Midwestern State 02/05/20 Edit
Mills College 03/06/20 Edit
Missouri State University 11/20/19 Edit
Missouri State University 11/27/19 Edit
Mount Holyoke 03/06/20 Edit
Mount St. Mary\\\'s University, Maryland 11/23/19 Edit
Murray State University 11/22/19 Edit
My Poo is everywhere Description 05/26/20 Edit
Nanyang Technological University 11/27/19 Edit
Nazarbayev University 11/27/19 Edit
NC State 11/27/19 Edit
Nebraska Wesleyan University 11/27/19 Edit
North Central College 11/27/19 Edit
North Dakota State University 11/27/19 Edit
Occidental College 12/17/19 Edit
Ohio State 11/27/19 Edit
Ohio State 11/27/19 Edit
Ohio State University 11/17/19 Edit
Ohio State University 11/27/19 Edit
Ohio University 10/28/19 Edit
Ohio University in Ohio, Ohio 11/27/19 Edit
Ohio Wesleyan University 11/27/19 Edit
Oklahoma State 12/28/19 Edit
Oklahoma State 11/27/19 Edit
Oregon 12/28/19 Edit
Oregon 11/27/19 Edit
Pants are flooded with poo Now off to the street 05/27/20 Edit
Pomona College 11/27/19 Edit
Purdue University 11/15/19 Edit
REP University 11/27/19 Edit
Rollins College 11/27/19 Edit
Rowan University 11/17/19 Edit
Rutgers University-Camden 11/27/19 Edit
Ryerson University 11/27/19 Edit
Sam Houston State Univ 11/23/19 Edit
Sam Houston State University 01/09/20 Edit
San Francisco State University 11/27/19 Edit
Santa Clara University 11/27/19 Edit
Siena College 11/27/19 Edit
Singapore Management University 03/01/20 Edit
Skidmore College 11/27/19 Edit
St. Catherine University 11/27/19 Edit
St. Lawrence 12/28/19 Edit
St. Norbert College 11/27/19 Edit
Stanford 11/27/19 Edit
Stephen F. Austin State University 11/15/19 Edit
SUNY Geneseo 03/08/20 Edit
Syracuse 03/12/20 Edit
TAMU Corpus Christi 12/28/19 Edit
Temple University 11/27/19 Edit
Tennessee 11/27/19 Edit
Texas A&M 11/15/19 Edit
The College of New Jersey 11/27/19 Edit
THE Ohio State University in OH, OH 11/27/19 Edit
Todd the Romulen Technical Institue 03/06/20 Edit
Toronto 11/27/19 Edit
Tulane University 01/25/20 Edit
UMass Amherst 11/22/19 Edit
UMass-Amherst 11/22/19 Edit
UNC Greensboro 03/01/20 Edit
University College Dublin 11/27/19 Edit
University of Alabama-Birmingham 11/27/19 Edit
University of Amsterdam 11/27/19 Edit
University of California, San Diego 03/01/20 Edit
University of Colorado - Boulder 11/27/19 Edit
University of Essex 11/16/19 Edit
University of Florida 11/17/19 Edit
University of Georgia 11/27/19 Edit
University of Illinois Chicago 11/17/19 Edit
University of Macau 11/28/19 Edit
University of Miami 01/25/20 Edit
University of Minnesota 11/28/19 Edit
University of Mississippi 11/28/19 Edit
University of Mount Union 11/28/19 Edit
University of Nebraska - Lincoln 11/27/19 Edit
University of Nevada, Las Vegas 03/01/20 Edit
University of New Hampshire 12/13/19 Edit
University of North Florida 11/15/19 Edit
University of North Texas 11/29/19 Edit
University of Oklahoma 12/13/19 Edit
University of Oklahoma 11/17/19 Edit
University of Puget Sound 11/29/19 Edit
University of Redlands 11/29/19 Edit
University of Redlands 03/01/20 Edit
University of San Diego 11/29/19 Edit
University of San Diego 11/29/19 Edit
University of Scranton 11/17/19 Edit
University of South Carolina 11/29/19 Edit
University of Southern California 11/29/19 Edit
University of Southern California 11/20/19 Edit
University of Tennessee 11/29/19 Edit
University of Texas - El Paso 11/17/19 Edit
University of Texas at Austin 03/06/20 Edit
University of Texas at San Antonio 11/29/19 Edit
University of Texas-Arlington 11/29/19 Edit
University of Utah 11/28/19 Edit
University of Wisconsin - La Crosse 11/24/19 Edit
University of Wisconsin-Madison 11/27/19 Edit
USC Aiken 11/27/19 Edit
Virginia Commonwealth University 12/15/19 Edit
Virginia Commonwealth University 11/17/19 Edit
Washington and Lee University 11/28/19 Edit
Washington State 11/27/19 Edit
Washington University St. Louis 03/06/20 Edit
Wellesley College 11/27/19 Edit
West Virginia University 12/28/19 Edit
William & Mary 12/06/19 Edit
WIsconsin La Crosse 12/28/19 Edit
Wisconsin Madison 03/06/20 Edit
Wisconsin Madison 11/27/19 Edit
Worcester State University 01/09/20 Edit